Six Sigma with Minitab

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Six Sigma is one of the most widely used methodologies to improve the quality of an existing process at a company.
Minitab® is the world’s leading statistical software used for quality improvement. It is user-friendly, has hundreds of sample datasets, and can perform very basic to very advanced statistical analyses of both fractional and integer data.

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will help you put your data to use. Minitab is used by data scientists and decision makers all over the world to analyze and visualize their data.

Minitab helps you to construct graphs, maps, run descriptive statistics, and perform simple inferential tests.

This beginner’s course will walk new users through all the functionality.

Learning Goals

  • Determine how to utilize display graphs and charts including bar, Pareto charts, and scatterplots.
  • Recognize how to compare variance and multiple means.
  • Identify how to compare medians.
  • Explore how to run a multiple regression test and examine the resulting data.
  • Break down how to compare inferences on continuous data.
  • Differentiate how to compare proportions.

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Learning Method

Online Instructor-led Virtual Class


E-Certificate, Physical Certificate


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