Practical Six Sigma Foundations – Live Instructor-led Webinar


Payment Methods

Payment Methods


About the Course

Learning Objectives

  • What is Six Sigma?
  • Key concepts such as Y = f(x) and sigma level
  • Selecting Six Sigma projects and team members
  • Planning in the Define phase
  • Gathering data in the Measure phase
  • Analyzing data in the Analyze phase
  • Evaluating solutions in the Improve phase
  • Developing a control plan in the Control phase

What you Get?

  1. Gain Practical Six Sigma Skills
  2. Validate Your Skills
  3. Free Online LMS Access
  4. Free Access to CERTIFCATION Exam
  5. Webinar Participation E-Certificate

Course Introduction Video

Full details:

Course Contents and Instructor introduction can be see here: Practical Six Sigma Webinar webpage…


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