Find Your Max: Improve Work Productivity with Time Management


The word productivity means the same thing whatever you look at it. It means getting something out of what you’ve put into something. But the sense in which this is done will make it mean different things to different people.

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So, why are you trying to get productive? Is it to improve your efficiency at work, to deliver more and to do better? Or is it about enjoying a better quality of life and improving the work-life balance and becoming happier?

Book Contents

Chapter 1: What Productivity Means to Different People
Chapter 2: Discovering Why Productivity Matters to You
Chapter 3: The Scarcity of Time
Chapter 4: The Importance of Time Management
Chapter 5: Putting a Value On Your Time
Chapter 6: The Specifics of Daily Prioritization
Chapter 7: Matching Time Investment to Return
Chapter 8: Setting up and Maintaining a Productive Workspace
Chapter 9: Taking Trackable Notes
Chapter 10: Using Tools to Manage Your Time
Chapter 11: Effective Use of The To-Do List
Chapter 12: The Comeback Kid
Chapter 13: Learning to Say “No”
Chapter 14: Time Management for Students
Chapter 15: Lessons from the Pomodoro Technique
Chapter 16: Reaching Full Potential
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