Agile Practice Guide, 2017 (ebook)


The Project Management Institute and Agile Alliance® chartered this practice guide to create a greater understanding of agile approaches in their communities. The vision for this practice guide is to equip project teams with tools, situational guidelines, and an understanding of the available agile techniques and approaches to enable better results.

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This practice guide provides practical guidance geared toward project leaders and team members adapting to an agile approach in planning and executing projects. While our core writing team recognizes there is staunch
support to use predictive approaches and conversely, passion around shifting to an agile mindset, values, and principles, this practice guide covers a practical approach to project agility. This practice guide represents a bridge to understanding the pathway from a predictive approach to an agile approach. In fact, there are similar activities between the two, such as planning, that are handled differently but occur in both environments.


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